Thursday, February 23, 2012


Good evening my beloved readers!

How are you? 

It has been a LONG LONG day, but here I am again!!! I cannot wait to write this post. 

As I promised yesterday night, I will tell more about BEA in New York. 
I have applied as a blogger, and I think they will be getting in touch with me soon in order to let me know if I'm in... I will keep you updated! this is the website if you want to know more about it. 
I think it would be a great opportunity for a book blogger and author to attend such a huge and important event. I would be like a kid, with my scratch book in one hand and a pencil in the other, mouth open, ready to capture every single input in the air! And imagine how many inputs there are in an Expo of that size! If I go, I will be posting daily my impressions and my suggestions for you. 

But, dreams apart, tonight I am talking to you about the new book that is on my nightstand:
This is it: 

The author is Ioan Grillo, published in the USA Otober 25, 2011. Published by Bloomsbury Press. 
I am reading it in English and it is the first book by Grillo. 
I particularly appreciated it because, from a linguistic and technical point of view, since I am a translator, I can get both English and Spanish (Mexican) words. It seems a silly aspect, but I assure it is quite important, and gives the reading a different beauty.
This book is not "nice", this book is hard, this book is REAL.
I have always been interested in actual events, and when I surfed the net and found this title, it immediately caught my attention and I HAD to buy it. 
This is a book about the blood that is flowing on Mexico ground, but not only on it. It is a report about how drug trafficking became a major problem and cannot be easily ripped out from its roots. 
I have started reading it a few days ago, and I will let you know how it goes on. 
For the time being, I really love it. Interesting, catchy and well written. Adore it or hate it. Have you heard of it? You can follow the book also on Facebook and find it on
Have you read it? What do you think about it? 
Your point of view is really important to me!!!!

Ok guys, need some rest now. 
Sorry, my intention was to have a bilingual post starting from today, but I am too tired to write it in Italian. 

As always, my advice is to open up your mind and to be a part of the book.
rewrite yourself, every day.


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