Monday, February 20, 2012


Good evening book lovers. How are you today?

Remember that in one of my previous posts I told you about Allen Ginsberg? 
Well... today it came back to me with a message which I desire to share with you all.

I first met Allen Ginsberg and his fellows while studying at high school, my English teacher told us about that beat generation. 
Later, on my way, when I was studying at university, I went to an exhibition about Fernanda Pivano. I'm sure you all know her. Since I am a translator, to me Fernanda is the beacon on the hill (to use a famous American expression) to look at in the stormy night of learning. She died in 2009 and she left a hole that no one can fill. Why is she so important now? Because she was so close to our dear Allen. She was the official translator of the Beat Generation authors, and moreover, she was a dear friend to them. 

Allen Ginsberg, along with Jack Kerouac, William Borroughs and Gregory Corso, was a beating genious. Very often they were rejected and not understood.  William Carlos Williams once wrote about Ginsberg: "he was mentally much disturbed by the life which he had encountered. [...] he was always on the point of 'going away' [...]literally he has, from all the evidence, been through hell".

Now I just want to share with you the depth of what a little part of his blood stream, from Howl.

"with dreams, with drugs, with waking nightmares, alcohol and cock and endless balls, / incomparable blind streets of shuddering cloud and lightning in the mind..." (Howl for Carl Solomon)
"I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations" (America)

and finally, one of my favs:

"backyard green tree cemetery dawns"

Can you feel the vibrating life in him? Can you actually see him writing? I do. I wish I transmitted an emotion, a feeling. buy this small book. It is something really strong. 

This is it for today... 
I just wanted to let you feel what I feel while reading a bit of Allen, who lived with his fellows of the San Francisco Renaissance first and of the Beat Generation later. They had the electricity in them, they were the first to express themselves for what they were: simply artists, simply poets, but first of all, men of an era that didn't understand the m. 
So, let's never forget about them. Do not forget Allen and the others.

Good reading people, talk to you soon.

write yourself. every day. 


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