Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Good afternoon everyone!

How do you feel today? I hope fine. What book are you reading at the moment? In what language? 

Today I want to introduce you to my personal book collection (a part of it at least) and to another aspect that you should know about me in order to understand my reading choices. 

First of all here is a part of my books.

As you noticed, I have all kind of books. I do not have a specific fav type. I love reading about all the things that catch my attention. I buy every kind of book, most of all online. I love reading King novels and at the same time Nelson Mandela latest publication. I will, day by day, tell you about them all. Or at least the ones I love the most. 
Another aspect that, maybe, you noticed from the picture, are my bangles and bracelets. 
In today's post I will mention the Sal Y Limon bangles. 
Sal y Limon is a Swiss accessories company, born from the friendship between Raffaella and Mehmet who, starting from 2009, share with all the fashion addicted like me ;) their passion for accessories, in particular bangles. I really love SYL bangles, they are colorful and they match every mood. In the pictures  you see three of them (I am awaiting a Valentine set that Sal Y Limon has just sent to me cos I won a poetry contest they organized on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SYL.Sal.y.Limon). 

But the question is: what the heck have bangles to do with books? Well well well... THEY HAVE!!!
Fashion is one of the topics I like the most. I love getting informed on stylists and trends. 
I therefore want to tell you about one of the best books I read about Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel - The legend and the life - by Justine Picardie). 
This is a 335-page book about the greatest feminine stylist on earth. It is not just a biography, it is also a photo gallery that takes you by the hand and takes you walking alongside Gabrielle. 
If you enjoy fashion, but actually, if you enjoy getting to know the grief of an entire life and the strength to be born again to be great, if you enjoy understating that a woman can become someone even among hard times, you should read this book. "An energy immediately flowed through me. I took new heart and decided to live". 

Another picture here. This time you find here the books where there are the poems I wrote. "Straniera dentro" is the one which totally "mine" and I am really proud of it. I hope it will be soon translated. Again, here you can see Sal Y Limon bangles. <3 

So, tell me what do you think about fashion in literature. Or if you have any books to suggest :)

thank you!

rewrite yourself. every single day.


I am thinking of participating to the BEA.... any news?


davide said...

Excuse me, where is BEA?
What kind of book do you recomend me like a gift?
My friend Likes thriller..but not horror..something different from Agatha!
Thank you :)

davide said...

Ps: I like this blog, compliment :)

Marti Luna said...

Hi Davide,BEA is Book Expo America, and will take place in June. Since my editor will be there with the catalog of its titles (where there also my book Straniera Dentro), I was thinking to go. :)
About your friend... well... One of my fav writers is Stephen King (in one of my future posts I will write about him too). He is a modern writer and he has the ability to keep the reader stuck to the pages. So I want to suggest a book by King. In particular I would say "Bag of Bones".
Thank you for your question and for the congratulations too, I am GLAD you like the blog!!!



davide said...

Amazing! Nice exebition in a wonderfull city like New York, where can I get more information? Thank's.
Thankyou about your recomandation of Stephen King's book too, but It's looks big?

Marti Luna said...

yes, it is a "big" book, but I tell you, it's amazingly fast-reading! I will keep you all updated about BEA! Yes, indeed... I love NY too... amazing and full of culture


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